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Travelimpressionsdreamvacation_large All Inclusive Resort in the Caribbean?

Check out the different locations, prices per day, with or without air. If you find what you like I would like you to contact me however, you can actually book your vacation at this site with my reservation provider, TRAVEL IMPRESSIONS. Click HERE to search for resorts and costs.


For those going on any of our cruises, here is a tip on what medicine to take with you.

The following is just a suggestion. Consult your Doctor first. The items listed are over-the-counter.

For Nausea- Emetrol If you go to the Doctor on the ship with intestinal issues, you may get quarantined. Take the Emetrol for relief of nausea due to upset stomach from intestinal flu, stomach flu and food or drink indiscretions.

For motion sickness: Bonine. It does not make you sleepy, you can take it with alcohol without difficulty and it works in about 30 minutes. Take it only when you feel you need it. Do not do the “Patch” or Dramamine as they both will make your drowsy and with alcohol, will knock you out. They are both long lasting.

Bonine----All Day Protection. Meclizine Hydrochloride - Antiemetic. The Once-A-Day Travel Tablet.

  • Prevents Motion Sickness.
  • Causes Less Drowsiness.

Bonine works up to 4 times longer and causes less drowsiness than original dramamine. Bonine protects travelers against air, sea and car sickness for up to 24 hours. Available in a convenient chewable tablet, Bonine can be taken without liquids - anytime, anywhere. Both items are available across the counter at your drug store.


Need a fundraiser for your charity?? We do fundraising cruises and land tours.



Getman Cruise & Travel was developed in 2004. Ron had been creating and escorting groups since the 1980’s as an outside agent, and decided to start his own at-home travel business to give the type of service his clients deserve on the premise that nothing beats personalized service, experience, and attention to detail. While many Internet sites promise special deals, travelers are often unaware of restrictions, exceptions, add on fees and fine print. Making the right choices based on price alone is not always the best course of action for travelers. We hear too many stories of travelers regretting that they didn’t call us first. While many shop for a cheap price, a cheap experience is not desired.

We recognized the need for experienced agents in the Internet age. While many succumb to the pressure of bargain Internet sites, we know the value of guidance from knowledgeable and experienced travel professionals. So we leveraged our expertise to create a niche for Getman Cruise & Travel. Ron knew that travelers would appreciate the values of a full-service travel agency. Many travelers learned that they actually saved money by seeking the help of an experienced travel professional. Ron wanted to highlight this fact and decided to start his agency.


RON GETMAN - Ron is a certified Princess cruise specialist. He is a Chapter Director for the Outside Sales Support Network (OSSN) of at-home agents for Southwest Florida. He has reached the next-to-highest level of certification possible by the Cruise Line Industry Association (CLIA) as an Elite Cruise Counsellor. Ron holds a Celebrity Cruise Lines Elite passenger status and a Princess Commodore status. Ron specializes in Alaska cruises and has a long history of Caribbean and Panama Canal cruises that allow his experience to serve your travel needs.
ALL INCLUSIVE RESORTS - Ron has been traveling to Cancun and Playa del Carmen quite a bit for the last 6 years and has stayed at numerous resorts and tour many others.  He can match the resort to the desires of the traveler.  It is very important to deliver what is expected.  If you wish to be at an adult facility and end up unknowingly with one with children-it can influence your total trip.   How to get there, transfers, excursions, the area--all are well known to Ron. (And to Brett)
BRETT GETMAN - Brett now has his own business, Lakewood Ranch Travel.   You can e-mail him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Brett has been cruising since 1992 with his first cruise to the Bahamas on the Dolphin Cruise Line.  Brett has attained a Master Cruise Counselor Certification awarded by CLIA for continuing education and by completing ship inspections along with week long cruises on many different ships.  Brett is a Disney Specialist that can book your Disney Dream vacation with a short cruise, a short stay at one of the Disney Resorts or both.  Brett has also completed the Expert Program for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and is a Commadore for Princess Cruises, the highest level an agent can achieve.  Brett specializes in cruises to the Caribbean, All-Inclusive Resorts, Disney Vacations, Group Cruises, and much more.  Brett has 4 children whom have cruised with him many times.  He understands family travel and his experience will help make your family vacation a memory you will cherish.
CONNIE MOTES - Connie is a CLIA certified Accredited Cruise Counsellor with our company. Connie has nearly 25 years of personal cruising experience to draw upon.  Connie now has her own business and can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it