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Travelimpressionsdreamvacation_large All Inclusive Resort in the Caribbean?

Check out the different locations, prices per day, with or without air. If you find what you like I would like you to contact me however, you can actually book your vacation at this site with my reservation provider, TRAVEL IMPRESSIONS. Click HERE to search for resorts and costs.


For those going on any of our cruises, here is a tip on what medicine to take with you.

The following is just a suggestion. Consult your Doctor first. The items listed are over-the-counter.

For Nausea- Emetrol If you go to the Doctor on the ship with intestinal issues, you may get quarantined. Take the Emetrol for relief of nausea due to upset stomach from intestinal flu, stomach flu and food or drink indiscretions.

For motion sickness: Bonine. It does not make you sleepy, you can take it with alcohol without difficulty and it works in about 30 minutes. Take it only when you feel you need it. Do not do the “Patch” or Dramamine as they both will make your drowsy and with alcohol, will knock you out. They are both long lasting.

Bonine----All Day Protection. Meclizine Hydrochloride - Antiemetic. The Once-A-Day Travel Tablet.

  • Prevents Motion Sickness.
  • Causes Less Drowsiness.

Bonine works up to 4 times longer and causes less drowsiness than original dramamine. Bonine protects travelers against air, sea and car sickness for up to 24 hours. Available in a convenient chewable tablet, Bonine can be taken without liquids - anytime, anywhere. Both items are available across the counter at your drug store.


Need a fundraiser for your charity?? We do fundraising cruises and land tours.



If you like great tasting drinks, check out the links below!

Rum Punch Celebrity Cruise Line Style

Pina Colada





Worlds_best_margarita.pdf as it is claimed

Cherry Bombs

Cayman Rum Punch

Bahama Mama

Quick Chill of Wine, Champagne, hot drinks!

We recently learned this on a cruise from our Wine Steward: To chill a hot drink in 3 minutes to a cold serving temperature, mix in a medium sized container the following:

1/3 cup Ice, 1/3 cup Water, and 2 cups of Salt. Place the hot drink in the container filled with the ice, water and salt. In 3 minutes it will be CHILLED! This is great when you have guests drop by unexpectedly and need to chill a bottle of wine or other spirits quickly. You can also do the same at tailgate parties when the beer is hot and you need to chill it quickly. Remember the proportion is based upon a container large enough to chill a bottle of wine. If you use a cooler, use more of everything.